Oct 21, 2012

Beep beep, one message received.

Loads of memories. It seems the memories stuck in my brain that i wouldn't take it out. Don't force me to. Cause when I do, I'll never get the memories back in my heart neither my soul can't even live with it.

I'm not good in writing in English as I'm a typical Malay with grammatical error here and there. Probably I'll make people laugh while reading this post. Listen very carefully. I'm working on some effort to be a better decomers. As I will sit my final exams within couple weeks, dude, situation keep pushing on me.

Look people, I have a problem with a person. Its very called misunderstanding. And when this shit came up, she put the blame on me. Like I was the only one who should be blamed. This is just unfair for me. Though, i have to accept it.

What i have to say is, if you are so tired being my friend then stop being one and stop mocking me. Stop telling the whole world that you are being stabbed from the back, you are losing a very best friend, friends come and go this and that and so what not. You know your words really offense me. Why do you keep doing it? Are you calling yourself a good friend with this damn situation?

If you really think I was the only one who forgotten you, eat your words. Cause deep down my heart, I never wish I could do that. I really love you but it was back then. You've change. Word says, people change. I guess it is true.

Perhaps I didn't give you a call, or give you instant messages. But at least what I could do is I never tell the world that I lost my best friends on and on. Because I love you too much, friend.

Heart, keep hanging on.