Nov 30, 2012

Muka surat 1: Percutian yang tiba-tiba


I said to my sister, "you better make this vacation interesting as Heaven because I cancelled my plan with lelaki kegemaran just to go with you."

while my lelaki kegemaran only have less than 48 hours to get back to his college. I am freaking freakishly frustrated but I won't pee at anywhere. no worries.

I wish I have my very own vacation with lelaki kegemaran. Jom lah kahwin sayang. I know how to sweep the floor and paint the wall and make tocang on your hair and pro at staring your eyes. trust me. You will never regret. kau kunci cintaku di dalam hatimu. ewah tetibe.

Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya. Amin. Cherating! aku datang esok insya Allah!